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Letter: Vote Patty Acomb for state representative

October 8, 2018                                                                                                                                Link to story


To the Editor:

My friend and Minnetonka City Council colleague, Patty Acomb, has been a dedicated public servant for many years and has the temperament, experience and policy background to make an outstanding state representative for House District 44B. She is the full package.


She is deeply invested in the community through her work in many local organizations as a board member or volunteer and her work on the city’s park board and city council.


She understands the strengths and challenges in the west metro, from schools to infrastructure, development and transportation, through her work on the city council and involvement on numerous committees, like Metro Cities and the National League of Cities. The governor appointed her to the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources and the Metropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Committee because of her environmental science background and demonstrated leadership on these issues.


Patty understands the issues facing families today. She knows from personal experience how the issues associated with aging and health care affect families. When Patty was running for re-election to the city council, she cared for family members with serious health challenges, was going through chemotherapy herself and lost her mom who had lived with her and her family for many years. I saw how she derived energy from her love of public service and her family and remained fully engaged in her responsibilities at home, on the council and with her constituents at all times. She was inspiring and courageous. She is also fair, caring, hard-working and a fact-based decision-maker. We need more leaders with those qualities at the State Capitol, now more than ever.


Please vote for Patty Acomb for state representative and send a true leader to St. Paul.

Deb Calvert


Deb Calvert is a Minnetonka City Council member.

Patty acomb for State Representative
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