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October 13, 2020


To the Editor:

My name is Naureen Bajwa and I wanted to share my personal experience with our state representative, Patty Acomb

I first met Patty at a local event in Minnetonka. Immediately upon meeting Patty, I was very taken by her warm, genuine and open demeanor. She seemed to be a great listener and willing to discuss any issues. We talked about some of the greater problems facing our state, but then I also relayed my thoughts regarding a few issues in my own immediate community of Minnetonka.

I highlighted some road safety issues we were facing in Minnetonka. I stressed a specific area of concern, which involved a sharp curve on one of our neighborhood roads. That particular segment of road overlooks a pond. Many cars have actually lost control and dived off the road into the pond. It’s a very tricky area, as it is very difficult to see oncoming cars as one traverses the road.

I proceeded to explain the multiple attempts I made with the City of Minnetonka, regarding this major road issue in my neighborhood. The city had really done nothing about the road, and I felt this issue was completely ignored.

In a few minutes of dialogue, Patty Acomb listened attentively and took immediate action. She connected me with Councilmember Mike Happe. Within a short time period, the guard rail was constructed and placed and the road is now safe for use.

What I appreciate most about Patty, is her willingness to listen and take immediate action. She connected me to the right people and made sure my voice was heard and acknowledged. She helped make our community safe and we have avoided many of the previous accidents involving cars going into the pond.

I strongly believe Patty Acomb deeply cares for our community and the diverse lives who live here. Being a Realtor, I truly appreciate people with high level of accountability.

Naureen Bajwae


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LETTER: Patty Acomb deeply cares for our community

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Patty acomb for State Representative
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