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September 21, 2020


To the Editor:

Integrity, decency, compassionate and dedicated. I hope these carefully chosen words give every reader some insight into Rep. Patty Acomb’s character. Patty considers public service to be a noble calling which is clearly demonstrated by her experience having served on the Minnetonka City Council from 2012 through 2018 in a nonpartisan role and as our representative in the Minnesota House since 2018. She decided to run for the House in 2018 for two reasons. First, she wanted to bring some commonsense leadership to the MN House. Second, and equally important, Patty is committed to making our community and state a better place for all Minnesotans.

Patty has lived in Minnetonka for more than 40 years. She understands the issues that concern Minnetonka, Plymouth and Woodland residents, and how to effectively represent those values in St. Paul. Patty wants to continue serving as our state representative because she deeply cares about our cities, our residents and our great quality of life.

Patty has a can-do approach to solving problems. While serving on the Minnetonka City Council, she spearheaded efforts to introduce solar energy to the city to combat climate change and save city residents a projected $21 million over a 25-year period. In addition, she oversaw a modernization of the city’s water infrastructure, without assessments to homeowners.

As our representative, she serves as chair of the House Climate Action Caucus. She also works on the Energy and Climate Finance and Policy Division and Environment and Natural Resources Policy committees. Patty authored bills appropriating money for native bee surveys and to protect raptors from lead poisoning. In addition to these accomplishments, she introduced a bill to establish a grant program to help school districts purchase and install solar energy systems.

Patty’s record demonstrates she has diligently worked to improve our community throughout her public sector tenure. She deserves to be re-elected to the Minnesota House and I am voting for her. I hope you will too.

Brian Golob


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LETTER: Patty Acomb deserves to be


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Patty acomb for State Representative
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