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Letter: We need Patty Acomb as state representative

August 31, 2018                                                                                                                               Link to story


To the Editor:

We need Patty Acomb as our next Minnesota State Representative.

Patty’s broad experience is an obvious factor. She has served our community in so many ways, notably within Minnetonka as a city-wide council member and by extending her contribution beyond regional environmental issues.

She brings a common sense and cost-effective approach to meet new and increasing challenges. A striking example is her leadership for our city solar program that both aids our environment and will save our city almost $1 million a year over the next 25 years.

Most importantly, Patty brings something that we all need so much more of in these polarizing times: she cares about what others think and feel. Anyone who talks to her knows that she brings an open and caring mind to each issue and instinctively looks for ways to include and learn from others.


We need that in all of our elected officials. Let’s start with Patty.

David Sanders


Patty acomb for State Representative
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