As chair of the Minnesota House Climate Action Caucus, I am proud of the Climate Action Plan that we released on October 27.


It’s a bold, multi-sector approach that is based on science and recognizes the urgency of this issue. Watch our livestreamed kickoff event! 


Together, let’s make 2021 a Climate Session!

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. Protecting our water and air needs to be a top priority in Minnesota, and I’m committed to the conservation and restoration of our environmental resources for future generations. I bring a background in natural resources and experience working with our environmental agencies to ensure we maintain our cherished environment for all Minnesotans.

On the Minnetonka City Council
  • I spearheaded efforts to introduce solar energy to Minnetonka, for the benefit of the environment, and saving residents $21 million over the next 25 years.

  • I oversaw modernization of the city's water infrastructure, without assessments to homeowners.

At the State Capitol
  • I chair the House Climate Action Caucus.

  • I serve on the Energy and Climate Finance and Policy Division and Environment and Natural Resources Policy committees.

  • I authored bills appropriating money for native bee surveys and to protect raptors from lead poisoning.

  • I introduced a bill to establish a grant program to help school districts purchase and install solar energy systems.

Watch a video on Patty and the environment here

Patty & family at son's 2018 high school graduation

K-12 education

All children deserve to get a quality K-12 education, and to graduate ready to succeed in the next stage of life. I support strong public schools, in the interest of every child in Minnesota. 


Both my sons attended local public schools, and I want everyone growing up in our state to have the same opportunity for a high quality education they received. I’ll work to close the achievement gap, fully fund special education programs, and place more mental health resources in schools to support our students. 

At the State Capitol


  • I supported a compromise E-12 bill that passed in the 2019 one-day special session that includes:

    • Increasing the general education funding formula by 2% increase for each of the next two years.

    • Freezing the special education cross-subsidy ($90.69 million this biennium), combining resources across districts that are underfunded and those that have a surplus.

  • I co-authored and supported a bill that amends teacher license renewal requirements to include mental illness training. 

  • I supported a bill that provides adequate funding to the Tribal Contract schools and future increases in the Basic Formula so that these schools will remain at the state average per-pupil level going forward

Watch a video of Patty on education here

University of Minnesota entrance sign

Higher education


Higher education should be affordable and accessible, regardless of family income. Too many young adults find that the cost of college or vocational school plunges them deeply into debt, keeping a degree or license out of reach. Every student should have access to some form of higher education, including vocational training, community college or a four-year university. Financial barriers should not prevent students from continuing their learning and pursuing their careers.


At the State Capitol 
  • I supported the Minnesota Values Budget which took strong steps to stabilize tuition at our public colleges and universities to improve college affordability and reduce the growth of student loan debt.


Health care


Access to quality and affordable health care should be a right for all Minnesotans. As a breast cancer survivor, I understand and appreciate the need for comprehensive, quality health care. I believe that all Minnesotans should have access to the timely care they need, regardless of preexisting conditions. We can reduce health care costs with a variety of strategies going forward, but the high quality of health care that Minnesotans expect to receive should not rely on income or insurance status.


At the State Capitol
  • I introduced a bill relating to health insurance in order to require no-cost diagnostic services and testing following a mammogram for women.

  • I supported the Insulin Affordability Act and the Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act to hold drug manufacturers accountable for inflating the cost of insulin and other medications and will help make prescription drugs more affordable long-term.

  • I supported opioid legislation, provider tax.


Racial equity


Systemic racism has devastated too many people’s lives for too long in our nation. Now we must work to achieve equity in our communities, and end practices that discriminate against our neighbors on the basis of race. I will work to support and protect people of all races and ethnicities to create a more welcoming and safe environment. Now is the time to find solutions to ensure that all Minnesotans can feel safe and welcome in their communities. 


At the State Capitol
  • I supported and advocated for equal rights and protections for all Minnesotans by working on police accountability and criminal justice reforms.

  • I introduced a bill for a grant to Black Men Teach Twin Cities in order to establish partnerships with eight school district elementary schools or elementary charter schools with a goal of increasing the number of black male teachers to 20 percent of the employees at each school site.

  • I supported a statewide resolution declaring racism a public health crisis.

Reproductive rights

All women deserve the right to make decisions for their own bodies. That includes easy and affordable access to regular reproductive health care services such as STD testing and treatment, cancer screenings, birth control, abortion, and comprehensive sex education. 


At the State Capitol 
  • I opposed legislation that aimed to limit existing reproductive rights.

Public safety


All Minnesotans deserve to live in a safe, comfortable environment. My goal is to protect our district and advocate for the laws and regulations we need to keep us safe.


At the State Capitol
  • I advocated for expansion of sidewalk and trail networks, in order to expand pedestrian and biker accessibility.

  • I supported universal background checks for gun purchasers, as well as red flag laws.

League of Women Voters

Candidates Forum

State House District 44A and 44B


Check out this event, where my opponent and I discussed issues that are important to our communities. 

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Patty acomb for State Representative