Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, and as stewards of this resource we’re all concerned with ensuring safe and clean water. Protecting our water and air needs to be a top priority in Minnesota, and I’m committed to the conservation and restoration of all of our environmental resources for future generations. I will bring my background in natural resources and experience working with our environmental agencies to ensure we maintain our cherished environment for all Minnesotans.

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K-12 Education

All children deserve a quality K-12 education. We must support strong public schools, in the interest of every child in Minnesota. Both of my children have attended local public schools, and I want everyone growing up in our state to have the same opportunity for the high quality education they received. I’ll work to close the achievement gap, fully fund special education programs, and place more mental health resources in schools to support our students. I want to make sure every student is ready to succeed in the next stage of life.

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Higher Education


Higher education should be affordable and accessible, regardless of family income.  Too many young adults find that the cost of college or vocational school plunges them deep into debt, keeping a degree or license out of reach. Every student should have access to some form of higher education, including vocational training, community college or a four-year university, and academic barriers should not be a detriment to the ability of students to continue their learning and pursue their future careers.

Health Care


Access to quality and affordable health care should be a right for all Minnesotans. As a breast cancer survivor, I understand and appreciate the need for comprehensive, quality health care. I believe that all Minnesotans should have access to the timely care they need, regardless of pre-existing conditions. We can reduce health care costs with a variety of strategies going forward, but the high quality of health care that Minnesotans expect to receive should not rely on income or insurance status.

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